The personal assistant that helps your aging parent(s) receive reliable and pre-screened help in and around the house. 

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        "Hello, my name is HARRY,

                  how can I help you?"

Helping Aging people Remain Resilient for Years 

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In today's world time is of the essence. Therefore we want to spend quality time with our loved ones and leave certain time consuming hassles to others. 

It is not always easy to find reliable, secure help with some of the more challenging tasks in- and around the house for your aging parent(s).

This is where Harry can help you and make sure that your requests are handled in a way that gives you peace of mind and solves the problems.

Small chores such as administration, IT related issues, gardening or small fixes in the house sometimes are challenging because you are busy or don't live nearby. 

That’s when you contact Harry, the online smart, quick, reliable and handy assistant. We bring together a network of verified and trustworthy services to help seniors complete their tasks and maybe, with some guidance, they can complete certain tasks themselves next time. 


Stay tuned for more soon!